WHen we found out we were having twins we went on Craigslist and bought two cribs. Later we found out those cribs had been recalled! We couldn’t even donate them! My husband is pretty handy so he decided to keep parts pod the cribs out in the garage.

We looked everywhere for new highly rated cribs. It was so frustrating that most stores only carry a couple on hand and most have to be viewed online! The nicest and safest are so pricey. After looking and searching we decided on two cribs from Cribs for Life. We are extremely happy with them.

The boys shared a twin bassinet in our room for four months. Since they always slept together we put them in one crib until they no longer fit in there together width wise. I think that was at five months (our boys are short!).

Months later when the boys were crawling all around we learned it ’twas time for baby gates. We have a family room that’s completely baby proofed and playroom for mommy, daddy, and the boys. We wanted to gate that room off. My husband made custom baby gates out of the old cribs we bought from Craigslist. They are cheaper than buying them and look much nicer in dark wood! From true called crib to recycled and recreated in to a fancy baby gate!