Baby food…especially organic for twins plus formula adds up.  With time and weekly preparation my husband and I made all of the purée for our boys. We both work so it became our weekend routine.

My parents bought us the Baby Bullet, which worked great at first. Since we were making food in bulk we switched to the regular blender. We made puree for a week or two at a time. We added one or two new foods a week.  Saturday mornings we went to the local farmers market to stock up on fruits and veggies. Then we came home to blend, label, and freeze… we were a mean lean baby food making machine. The veggies and fruits like apples and pears were steamed or boiled first, then we pureed them. we usually used a huge pot and boiled everything at once while we made the fruit purees. We stored in one cup size Gladware containers.  I wrote the date and was sure to use within one month. I just took out enough containers to last a few days and would thaw in the fridge. It worked great for our nanny/ babysitter. One cup is really one serving size for the purée stage so we would have two containers per meal so the boys could split and get variety.

We started with the basics: banana, sweet potato, avocado, carrots, and slowly added more and mixed some together. We only made fruits and veggies.. I’d not try to make the rice cereal or oatmeal. The boys were not impressed with the rice cereal. They loved and still love the Yo Baby yogurt, too.

Making their food was such a great decision. It took a bit of work, Burt once we had a system down it worked out well. It is good to know you babies are getting all the good stuff from local produce. It saves money too!