“Breast is best,” the phrase all expecting parents hear. I always planned on breastfeeding my babies, but with twins come many challenges. I did breastfeed them exclusively for the first two or three months. It is the best decision I made. I had challenges from the beginning. One of my boys had trouble latching in the hospital. I had two lactation consultants come in to help. Apparently the roof of his mouth posted a challenge. With the aid of nipple shields he eventually caught on.

Nursing twins was so rewarding, but equally exhausting, and at times painful. At 6 weeks I developed a blister on one nipple from one of the boys latching incorrectly. OUTCH!!! Sleep deprived and in pain, I did spurt out some Not so pleasant words and phrases until it disappeared with a lot of nipple cream!

The bonding was so worth it. The sweet expressions and gestures only a nursing mommy can see will remain with me forever. I will cherish the loving smiles, gazes, touches, and hungry little faces I saw privately several times a day and throughout the night.

It was possible with a double bassinet on top of a twin pack and play in our room. looking back, I wish we had a co- sleeper instead, especially with a c-section. Lots and lots of pillows helped…that and a sweet loving equally sleep deprived husband to hand off the babies.

After about two and a half months I had to start supplementing with formula. Nursing twins is no easy feat. I felt inadequate about not being able to produce enough for my boys. Through many tears my husband and I decided new needed to supplement with formula. It was such a tough decision, but what was best for the boys.

I breastfed twins at them same time for eight months. feeding them at the same times made it plausible. There is no way to feed them separately for the time and sanity of the mommy. Once the boys were four months I went back to teaching and could only pump a couple times a day, which decreased my supply. It did make it easier to ween, though. I simply cute down one feeding a week until the last one at eight months. That last nursing was bittersweet.