First time blogger here…well, other than weekly blogs about the things my third graders are learning. I hope to blog about really important things such as the day I first got baby poop in my wedding ring, that, and the day to day joys of being a mom to one year old twins. I am also the best wife ever to a handsome southern man and owner of two quirky dogs. Not sure if anyone will actually read this, but at least I will have it to look back upon in the years to come. 

Where to start? How about the poop day ( well, that is every day really). My boys were about seven months old and my husband supposedly has a gag reflex that only appears with poopy diapers or when the dogs leave unpleasant surprises that need to be cleaned. Anyway, my boys were really excellent rollers. They loved it to much that they had to roll for every diaper change. We had a messy one…. I was holding up the legs it’s one hand trying to keep the poop from getting son had to practice his sweet rolling skills. I quickly tried to stop the poop escaping from the diaper when my entire hand went in diamond first. i was frustrated and probably silently cursing my hubby. Later I saw the humor in it and posted my lovely experience in a mamas group on facebook for my to mamas college alumni to get a laugh.  That was the moment I decided it would be fulfilling to blog….and here I am… 6 months later trying to recount the details. 

Here is to a new year, 2013, and a new blogger on the street.