The reactions are all very similar…

  • Congratulations!
  • When did you find out?
  • Fraternal or identical?
  • Double trouble
  • Double joy
  • Double love
  • Do twins run in your family?
  • We’re the premies?
  • You were huge!

…among others.

Found about at first ultrasound at 13 weeks. No, the midwife did not hear both heartbeats at the first appointment, even though my husband had a feeling we were having twins and had her double check ( pun intended). Yes, we were surprised. Apparently twins run in the family, but we didn’t find that out until we were expecting ours. I had horrible morning sickness at night for 17 weeks. i did not have weird cravings, however, lemon pepper chicken was one smell I couldn’t handle (found that out after my sweet husband made me dinner one night).  They were born at 37 weeks and did not spend time in NICU  and were normal weights.  I was not on bed rest. I did swell up with the largest cankles in the world. I worked teaching until 35 weeks. Yes, I was huge; I gained seventy pounds and wanted to cry at my last weight check as I weighed more than my hubby! I could see and feel them both moving at once. While reading aloud to my third graders the boys would move around like crazy. It became a game for my students to see them moving. They had separate sacs and placentas,so they are fraternal, even though they look similar and have the same hair and eye colors.

Twins are indeed a blessing and fill my life with double joys, love, and diapers. I could never ever imagine only having one baby.