What happened to the good ole days?

I am not an old timer, but when I was growing up kids still had manners and were taught respect. Wow, actually that previous statement makes me sound like an old lady…

But seriously…what happened to….
Holding doors
Waving hello to neighbors
Saying, “good morning”
Writing thank you cards
Please and thank yous
Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.
Opening doors for others
Helping others
Giving up your seat for someone
Family dinners
No technology with meals
Small talk with people while waiting
Shaking hands
Hats off inside
Getting dressed up
Handwritten notes
Nature and outdoors

Being a teacher there are so many things that I wish all parents instilled in their children. I have my students still write handwritten letters. In fact they have pen pals. The good old snail mail. They really love receiving their letters and writing back….the bonus with technology is that we will either Skype or Face time with our pen pals soon so they can meet virtually.. I like the new, but what is wrong with holding tight to certain things and blending them together?

My husband and I recently had a date night (doesn’t happen often with one year old twins!). Our big night out was to a movie. My parents were in town and our babysitters. We checked in after the movie and the boys were asleep.. So we figured why not go out for a drink? We’ve only been married three years and together for almost six..but man how things have changed socially in those years! We enjoyed people watching. Practically everyone was on their smart phones. Even couples on dates. It got me thinking…why were these people even out if all they were doing was playing on their phones..texting, Facebooking, on twitter, Pinterest…and so on. Might as well be at home with a drink and an iPad, iPhone, smart phone, laptop, net book, kindle, nook, or tablet. I am so glad I’m not dating in this techno craze. It made me wonder… Are people going to forget how to communicate in real life face to face? What kind of society and social skills will my boys need?

One thing is for sure…. I believe in writing handwritten thank you notes, paying attention to people at dinner (put the phone down and pay attention to the moment and people you are with for goodness sake!), waving hello to people in cars and passerbys, reading actual books (watch “Goodnight ipad” on youtube for a new version of the classic “Goodnight Moon”),eating dinner with family, saying “please,” writing notes and cards, southern manners, getting dressed up, and spending quality time with those I love…..while putting the technology aside. That is often hard to do, but with more and more advances, I think it is essential to teach our kids the importance of showing full attention to people without looking at a text or liking every status update. With shows like “Duck Dynasty” gaining popularity maybe folks are wanting to go back to the family values.

What are things you miss or wish to keep around for the next generation?