One of my boys has the flu and double ear infections. Finally this week with three trips to the doctors and third kind of antibiotic he is feeling better. This leads me to my fight with the car seat.

My husband got up for work this morning ( no school for me…teacher work day and my report cards are finished already). I asked our awesome sitter to come over to watch one boy so I could take sickie pants to the doctor for his third and final antibiotic shot. My husband so sweetly transferred one car seat from his SUV to my tiny car. The seats fit much better in his vehicle.

All morning routines went on as normal. Sickie and I said or bye-bye to his bro and our babysitter…we were off… I thought. I placed the diaper bag on the front seat…and baby boy in his usual car seat. I went to buckle him in when I realized the straps were extremely tight. I couldn’t even fit his arms through!! I called my husband to inquire how and why did he change the straps. He didn’t, apparently. After some frustration I brought sickie boy back inside so the car seat and I could have at it. With straps everywhere and my husband explaining them to me..just adjust it at the back, I had to take out the car seat and flip it completely upside down to adjust it. After cursing it out (and probably my husband, too!) it was ready to go. I got baby boy, buckled one side in only to discover…oh ” mother father!!” I didn’t adjust both sides. This time, already running late, I took out, flipped over, and readjusted the darn thing with the boy on my lap. My neighbors probably listened to my sailor talk to a car seat and think I am completely insane. No sleep will do that to you. Anyway, 30 minutes later we were buckled in and on our way to get a painful shot.

I think I won that round…if I had to fight the twin seat, I think I would’ve lost! Oh I have a whole new appreciation or my husband for always getting the car seats situated. Thank goodness for him!