Well, my boys never cease to surprise me, my husband and I are often silly. I bet many folks would think we are total weirdos at times! That’s what makes our lives fun and interesting. We always joke around that our boys are going to grow up to be so goofy because of us. Well, that just might be the case here.

One afternoon we kept hearing a banging noise from the nursery. We listened carefully. Heard it again followed by hysterical one year old giggles. What in world was going on in there? My husband and I snuck in to quietly spy on our boys. That is when we saw it….our lil headbanger. Both boys standing up in their cribs. One grasping the rails like prison bars and then..banging his forehead into the side of the crib. His laughing twin egging him on. This continued twice more until we were spotted and their attention span diverted.

This was certainly not a one time isolated incident. Not only does he bang his head into his crib, but now he does it while crawling or walking around the living room. He will walk up or crawl to the wall, place his hands on it, then gently bang head. His brother does it every once in a while..but they are always cracking up.

Is is normal?!! Maybe he is going to be a lineman or defensive football player. Who knows! At least he does it gently! For now we will just enjoy these quirky moments with our boys. One day I am sure I will miss the head banging days.