I’ve officially been out of school for two weeks. I just adore summer; not at all for the suffocating sweat inducing humidity. I am in touch with my inner domestic diva. I never, and I mean never, was much of a Susie homemaker. I would’ve never imagined myself baking and cooking for fun. Yet, I am doing it!

The first week of summer was eventful. Our first family vacation. It was amazing to reconnect, rejuvenate, but not very relaxing (I believe that word is out of my vocabulary now with 19 month olds). Our little family of four beached it up, played, ate ice cream, napped, ate delicious food. And watched awe inspiring sunsets. It was magnificent. If only my husband and I could live like that daily; no stress or work! Vacation. So much feeling, memory, and life experiences conveyed by that three syllabic ordinary word.

Part of my first week of freedom dashed with mourning the loss of a younger cousin. Reconnecting with family really makes one rethink fights, feuds, who said what, who did what to whom. When it comes down to what really matters in life, it is our family. Family is there for the most dark times to help put the pieces together regardless of the past. An unforeseen, unexpected, and unnecessary death of a young newly wed member of our US army certainly makes life seem short. The bond of families laced with childhood memories is not to be underestimated. A few of my favorite memories with this cousin involve crazy whirlwind holidays with fifteen or so cousins going nuts opening gifts, wrestling and playing with each other. I recall one family vacation when he was quite young chasing the girl cousins around a beach condo saying, “Dirls, Dirls, where are you Dirls?” He was always a handsome boy (must run in the genes!). Coincidently, my last memory of him was with our
Outlandishly large family gathering at the same beach celebrating the marriage of our oldest cousin. There was a lot of wine and dancing involved. A great memory to hold onto of silliness of young adolescents turning into young adults.

Well, back to the current state of week two: summer splendor. In five days I managed to bake brownies (all from scratch, not that box mix!), banana bread, twice baked potatoes, potato skins, florentine egg biscuits, rice pudding, slow cooker BBQ chicken, creamy corn casserole, and sweat potato fries. Man, this is living. I simply love staying at home with my boys, cooking, cleaning, playing,and even doing laundry! I am so incredibly jealous of all those mommies who can afford the luxury of staying at home ALL the time with their children; what a privilege. I really see changes in them in these short two weeks; makes me sad with wonder: what little moments am I missing out on during the school year? I know I am more fortunate than most working mamas with all the school holidays, and to which I am grateful. My parents encouraged me into this profession and I remember them saying what a great job it is to be teacher with a family. I truly understand that now as a parent.

I a so eager to spend the rest of summer enjoying my boys. Hopefully it doesn’t pass too quickly. Maybe I’ll even get a stay at home job!