Exploring my new frontier … Motherhood of TWINS ( oh yeah, and i just turned 30, errr, 29 again). I am married to an amazing southern Alabama man. Together we are doing the best we can raising the two most adorable and greatest toddler twin boys to ever be created (we are certainly not biased). I’m learning to juggle teaching, being a mom of toddlers, and learning to be a domestic goddess. The latter is the most challenging because, as all the college and young adulthood roommates will tell you.. I was a slob and did NOT cook. Ever! Now that I am a mommy, something has changed…all of a sudden (well about a year and a half in the making) I actually clean the house regularly (having kids crawling and eating food off the floor is a big motivator), AND enjoy cooking!, what?! Yes, especially now that I have a family to cook for. I’m really enjoying trying out new recipes for my family (trust me, some are Major Major fails!). This former non cooking mama is having a ball during summer nap times and evenings…now..how can I make this summer vacation thing last ALL year?